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Next to come from Datsik’s Firepower arsenal is Sub Antix, a rising talent whose productions have led him to the forefront of Canada’s ever growing electronic music community and beyond. With a musical background that ranges from classical piano to playing in a metal band, his diverse musical history filters through into his unique sound and has already caught the attention of Datsik, Downlink, Funtcase, Requake and plenty more. On the two track 80 Weight EP set for release December 18, Sub Antix channels the raw energy and cavalier approach of Trap, putting his own powerful spin on the explosive sound.

The “80 Weight” track immediately caused a huge reaction earlier this year when Sub Antix’s released it for free download on his SoundCloud and to kick off the proceedings on the EP he has laid down a special VIP version. The VIP’s full frontal sound is an amalgamation of crisp snares, descending synths and booming 808 bass that ramps the pressure up even further. Injecting a fresh electronic angle to the pure hip hop foundation, it results in a pure dance floor slayer. Up next, he joins forces with his Canadian companion Phantasma on “Radical,” cranking things up with a double time intro that delivers the unexpected. As it drops, “Radical” dives into a low-slung beat backed by deep subs and winding synth lines.

Sub Antix always manages to find a way to combine his influences and cleverly create something fresh and stimulating. With a stream of new producers coming through, it’s clear when you’ve struck upon the real deal.

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