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Los Angeles (August 10th, 2017) – Firepower Records is beyond thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of UK native Chime’s Invincible EP. With a drop date set for August 25th, this EP is all the firepower you need to properly disrupt any back to school plans you may have had. Chime blasted onto the bass music scene with a string of massively successful sleeper tunes. Then, last year, he dropped an EP with Firepower that quickly became one of our most popular releases of 2016. Chime’s production prowess is immediately recognizable and cannot be disputed. Clever, creative, and always evolving, Chime takes us on an epic musical journey through the bass music soundscape. Invincible is thoroughly engrossing, entertaining, and imaginative, and one play from any of the tunes on the EP will have dance floors across the planet melting in the palms of your hands.

The EP begins with the title track, “Invincible”, and the sweeping euphoric melodies invite the listener into the audio world-building project Chime has initiated. Mixing the heavy synth growls with lighter, pluckier string constructions, the tune swings from full on head-bang sections to the airy soundscapes of windswept vistas and sun dappled horizons like a pendulum. This vibe permeates “The Big Crunch”, a tune he did in collaboration with Teminite. If Chime were a novelist he’d be a master of massive fantasy and sci-fi tomes. Masterfully crafted and infinitely complex story lines take listeners on epic quests through unforgiving sonic environments as well as gorgeous audio overlooks.

Mindbender” pummels the listener full force, and the drop is like being released into a black hole. All kinds of musical constructions pull and push in opposing forces, and Chime’s penchant for melodic toplines push an emotional awareness on the listener as they lay suspended in space.

Chime and Holly come together in “Chronoception” which features the swaggering lyricism of Lonemoon. The vocal sections bring us back down to earth, placing us squarely into the beauty and horror of the real world. Heavy Hard House sections boost the main stage potential of the tune, while also offering audiences a chance for a singalong before slamming them in the chaos of the drop.

Then there’s “Darknet”, which takes the genre of Riddim to the next logical level. Although Riddim is known for it’s minimal vibe, Chime uses his unwavering commitment to originality and invention to boost this tune with a wall of sound so powerful, you experience the G forces as it pumps through your speakers.

Chime wraps the EP beautifully with “Terraform”, and the whole tune is a love letter to Dubstep. Chime has successfully re-introduced the beauty into the beat, urging us to recognize that music can take us across the universe. But he is also a realist, and as the track drops, he recognizes the beast in us all. The synths pulse through the cranium, causing bouts of involuntary head bangs—a kind of human impulse to seek a catharsis, to express internal rage outwardly. “Terraform” gives us exactly what we need.


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