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Los Angeles (May 30th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release Audiowrx’ forthcoming EP, The Awakening, on June 15th, and it’s about damn time. Operating as a duo, Dominic Burnley and Cole Magnusson formed Audiowrx after meeting online and discovering each other’s mutual passion for bass. The fact that one lives in Canada and the other in the Bay Area did not prevent them from cranking out massive bangers, including “Clockwrx”, which was featuring in Firepower’s Flatline Volume 2 compilation. The tune shot to the top of the Beatport charts, finally settling at the number 9 spot on the Beatport top 100 Dubstep tracks. These guys are ready for the big show.

The first track, “Freaks”, establishes well the vision and creative direction of the EP. Audiowrx builds an atmospheric soundscape that works its way through the intro. The melody is dark, melancholic, but ultimately triumphant. It’s a vibe, and as the track builds, the crowd is already lost and completely at the mercy of the drop. Audiowrx goes on to showcase their production techniques by toggling between other bass genres, like moombahton, and injecting 808 style samples at just the right time. “Down” continues to develop the melody-heavy themes established in “Freaks”, and leans heavily on an expertly crafted wubby synth that pulses through the track. The result is a dual-action bass canon that beckons fans to the rail for vigorous bouts of headbanging.

The third track, “Feels”, featuring the airy and ethereal vocals of Jade LeMac, places Audiowrx supreme talent for emotional bass in its proper context. The tune soars, transforming the listener into pure energy. The track stands alone on the EP for its exploration of the more euphoric and head-nodic aspects of bass music, and you’ll be singing along to every beautiful word. Put this tune alongside any Illenium track, and experience pure bliss.


The tracklisting for The Awakening is:

  1. Audiowrx – “Freaks”
  2. Audiowrx – “Down”
  3. Audiowrx – “Feels” (featuring Jade)


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