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Firepower Records will release Nato Feelz’ forthcoming EP All I Do on February 9th, and we are stoked to have him back in the rotation. His methodical and systematic approaches to bass music have led to numerous high profile accolades and crowd favorites including the Bassrush premiere of “Bad Bitch”, which was released on our Flatline Compilation Volume 5. Nato Feelz’ sound design is heavily informed by his successful career as a soundscape designer for the film industry. His music reveals an artist who understands not only critical sound design philosophy, but how sound and emotion interact. All I Do unifies Nato Feelz’ skills, bringing them together in an absolute mind-melter of an EP.

The EP leads with the title track, “All I Do”. It’s a big, deep, well-crafted tune and shows a mind unimpressed with flash and gimmickry. Nato Feelz takes his time here, micro-producing each section perfectly. As the whole track clicks together, the listener is taken on a journey, with each piece of sound contributing to deep emotional responses. Listen for this tune in this summer’s festival sets and watch as the crowd slows its roll and get deep and low.

Nato Feelz teams up with Blaqout for “Wild West”, and we’re immediately transported to bass music’s lawless frontiers where DJ’s settled their Good, Bad, and Ugly grievances at High Noon with a Fistful of Dollars in one had, and a Colt 45 in the other. Blaqout’s signature synth designs pummel the listener and Nato Feelz lets his bass bullets fly. The result is a Main Stage banger perfectly designed for rail-riding.

“Shots Fired” unrolls itself patiently at first, paying homage to the headier and esoteric aspects of Hip Hop and Bass. But as the tune rises through its build up, the drop hits and wreaks havoc. Nato Feelz shows his music production acumen here with multiple cleverly constructed layers of sound design. Listen closely for the cricket chirping away—just another example of Nato Feelz creativity refusing to be limited.

“The Game”, featuring the notorious lyrical wordsmith Armanni Reign, wraps the EP. Nato Feelz offers Armanni a perfect track to accentuate his talents in the art of verbal swordplay, rotating between traditional hybrid trap and Hip Hop components, and a juicy Drum and Bass section that ratchets up the energy of the tune into a full on frenzy. Armanni is featured on some of the biggest bass tunes on the planet, but Nato Feelz makes him shine a whole lot brighter here.

The Tracklisting for All I Do:

  1. Nato Feelz – “All I Do”
  2. Nato Feelz & Blaqout – “Wild West”
  3. Nato Feelz – “Shots Fired”
  4. Nato Feelz – “The Game” (Feat. Armanni Reign)


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