On June 3rd, Firepower Records will release Riot Ten‘s massive new EP, Hype Or Die: Headbangerz, and every track is festival ready. But what makes this release more memorable is the incredible journey Riot Ten endured on his way to upper ranks of bass music badassery. The EP represents an immense amount of hard work and perseverance, and his story is one he graciously shares with his fans.

Riot Ten is also our guest DJ for this week’s Lock and Load mix series, and he puts down some serious filth. Dude knows how to destroy dance floors, and he proves that, again, here. Don’t forget to like and repost the mix, and let us know what you think by hitting us up on social media!

This new Hype Or Die: Headbangerz EP is filthy! What were some of your goals with this EP that may have been different than your previous releases?

Thank you! My goal with this EP was really just to show everyone who Riot Ten is in 2016. While many people know me from my trap music releases, if you’ve seen a Riot Ten show, then you know that it’s much more than that. I’m a huge dubstep fan, I’m a trap fan, I’m a hiphop head, I love jungle terror, hardstyle, and other sub genres of bass music. Not to be cliche, but I’m just a fan of HYPE music, and that’s where the name comes from. As I’ve been playing more and more dubstep in my sets this year, this EP leans heavier in that direction, but you will still hear some trap and hardstyle elements throughout. My fans are all riding with me on my current direction, so I’m super stoked to give them this EP. Huge shout out to Firepower Records for supporting me and making this possible!

You’ve gone public about some of the struggles you’ve experienced in your personal life, including a recent, and heartwarming, anecdote about having your son in your teens. How have you turned these experiences into strengths?

Well, in any situation, I think it all begins with finding the silver lining. As bad as some situations might seem, you have to just see it for what it is and use it as fuel for the future. When I had my son at 16, I was juggling school, football, and music. I started to slack with football, but I could never let go of the production. I know its crazy, but at age 17, I knew that I wanted to make music for the rest of my life. To be honest, I’ve never even held a conventional job for more than a month. Not gonna lie, most of my family had told me to stop trying to be a “rockstar” and that it would never happen, but that ultimately just fueled the fire even more. It’s all about believing in yourself to the fullest. Was it hard? Fuck yes, but like I said in the post you reference, we only have one chance at life.

If we had a party at the FP headquarters and everyone needed to bring a dish, what would you bring and why?

It’s all about that Ramen! Haha I’ve made it a point to hit all the best ramen spots in each city that I’ve played in. My fans know whats up. Ramen Gang for life!

What song would you select to rock at a karaoke bar and why?

I think by default it would have to be “Bodies” by Drowning Pool. Has there ever been a moshpit at a karakoe bar? Haha If not, there’s a first time for everything! Let’s do it!

Where can we see you smash a dance floor this summer?

As of now, I have shows in Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Seattle, Mineapolis, New York, Tampa, Denver, and other cities unannounced upcoming. Should be back on the West Coast in Los Angeles, Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco soon as well. Also should be seeing my debut Australia tour before years end. Excited for whats to come this Summer and the rest of 2016. Going to be a fun year and I’m just stoked to be able to represent for my family over at Firepower Records along the way!