AFK does not sleep. Or maybe it just seems that way given how much quality sound he keeps pumping out. Tomorrow, Firepower Records is set to drop his newest EP, Disconnected, and the world is just not ready. In anticipation of the release, we got him to put together an insane Guest Mix for our Lock and Load mix Series and sit his ass in the Firepower Hotseat to answer some questions. Read up, and then like, share, and repost the crap out his guest mix. Get your weekend started right.

Your music never fails to bring the filth, but what were you going for with this EP that you didn’t do with you previous recordings?

I really tried to branch out in terms of my sound design and not just use what I was comfortable with.  I used the same patches for a few years because they ‘sounded like me’ but I really wanted to make some new stuff that sounded more modern.

Can we talk about your EP artwork? We know you worked closely with our good bud and Firepower Artist Solid Soul. What are some elements that are tucked into the piece you’d like to tell us about?

This is by far my favorite piece of artwork ever.  It fully captures me as a person and Eric did such an amazing job, I am forever grateful.  There are over 20 little easter eggs hidden in the art.  My favorites are my cat Tenders that has gone Super Saiyan and a few video game references. I don’t want to give too many away though because I’m planning on having a contest to see if anyone can find them all.

When you’re on the road, what kind of food are you looking to eat before the show? What’s your meal of choice?

I eat like absolute shit on the road and wish I didn’t haha  My go to meal would be either chicken tenders or some hot AF wings.  You can’t ever go wrong with tenders.

What’s one thing you can think of that defines your childhood?

Definitely Nintendo games.  I used to play this one level on Donkey Kong over and over just to listen to the music that was playing.  I think that was my initial spark of interest in weird sounds that would later evolve into a love for dance music.

What job would you want to have if you weren’t making music?

Video game journalist or a game tester.