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We’re back again for another rapid fire question sesh with an artist we’ve been pumped on for a while now, Cubism. Firepower is set to drop his new forthcoming EP Terraform this Friday, and the level of sub-bass Cubism has loaded into his tracks is insane. We put his feet to fire with 5 questions ranging from the serious to the silly. And don’t forget to listen his stellar guest mix for Firepower’s Lock And Load Mix Series. Here we go!

There are some insanely detailed sound design features rolling through this EP. Do you have any production secrets you’d be willing to share?

I wouldn’t say that there are any “secrets”, per say. In fact I’d love to know some of them as well. I belong in the “tryhard” category so everything is made with a lot of work and time spent. Maybe the only plug-in i could suggest is Effectrix from Sugar Bytes; one of my all time favourites.

If you could design a tour, where in the world would you go, and who would be playing with you?

There is not a place I wouldn’t visit. That’s my dream since I was 15 years old; to travel around the world to see its wonders while doing what I love the most–playing music to awesome people.  And who would I get with me? Both people that have helped me and those that I want to help. It is important to share your dream with nice people that have the same ones.

What early experience with music led to your decision to make music on a professional level?

Alright, here we go… I used to be a kind of Tiësto groupie, back in 2005. So that guy really gave me the spark to start DJing, buy my own decks from savings when I was 16 years old, and start producing. I went to a sound engineering school when I was 18. That’s how it all started. But I never really “decided” to do it professionally. I know it’s what I’m going to do for my living no matter what, so I invested everything in it.

What animal best represents who you are and why?

To be honest I’m somewhere between a cat and a dog because I’m either a lovely person or a pain in the behind some times. I’m not so easy to get used to, but I’m definitely loyal and I appreciate those who care for me.

When you’re working on music, what’s your preferred snack?

Preferred snacks are definitely anything chocolate related–gotta put that sugar in use! Sometimes I feel like L from Death Note, if I may be compared to him. But I’m sure there’s a 40% chocolate flowing through my veins.