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In an act of artistic integrity, Fox Stevenson is giving away the stems to his internationally acclaimed banger “High Five!” in an effort to challenge his fans to engage with his music on a much deeper level. He spoke about that intention in a conversation with us earlier this week.

“I’m a firm believer that once an artist releases a track it no longer belongs to him or her, it belongs to the listener to make of it what they will,” Fox Stevenson told Firepower Records. “So that’s why I am releasing these stems to see what you guys can do with this track!”

To support Fox, Firepower Records will be putting out a call for the best re-creations of the the Stems and supporting them on social media in the near future. Stay on the lookout for an announcement very soon.

Last week, Fox premiered the Stems on the website, and reaction was swift and immediate. He encouraged people to “feel free to play around” and to create their own remixes. Today marks the first time he has given away the stems for free downloads.

Play around with the stems on here (Note: for use on Ableton and Logic programs only) what does Seroquel look like

Fox Stevenson continues to rise into the upper echelon of the international bass music universe, and there’s no indication that he will stop soon. Earlier this month, he released a new music video for his internationally acclaimed hit “High Five!” which received a resounding round of support from MTV and VH1.

“High Five!” is a single off of Fox Stevenson’s Throwdown EP, which dropped in July of last year on Los Angeles based Bass Guru Datsik’s Firepower Records label. The video is directed by Justin Donnelly and depicts a day in the beachside paradise of sunny Los Angeles. From the boardwalk of Venice Beach to the wild nighttime backyard pool parties, the video will get you off the couch and packing your bags for the City of Angels—or at least get you dancing.

Watch the video here: Seroquel rezept

An unmitigated talent in his own right, Fox Stevenson’s power of Bass is seemingly endless. With a mastery of all facets of the production process, Fox Stevenson has developed a formula that allows him to produce both as a mainstream artist and as a filthy Bass music maker simultaneously. He grew up in an artistic environment and flourishes as a fearless performer on and off stage. He writes, sings, and mixes his own material in a live-act performance that incorporates multiple genres, creates a fun, upbeat and explosive sound, and pushes the limits of electronic music.

For more information on Fox Stevenson:

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For Press Inquiries, contact:

Lee Underwood
Publicity Manager I Firepower Records

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