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Firepower Records is incredibly excited to announce the eleventh volume of our Flatline Compilation series, ‘Flatline Vol. 11’ featuring some of bass music’s most promising rising artists. Notoriously known for pushing the underground, the Flatline Compilation series sets its best foot forward with some of the heaviest tracks to date ready to completely obliterate the scene. You’ve been warned.

Opening the up the project on a proper note, Levi Walsh sets the tone for what’s to come with his all original track,“Get Cho”. Properly equipped with an absolutely sinister introduction and “get cho hands up” vocals, “Get Cho” will keep you equally cautious and intrigued. Leading right into banger territory, “Get Cho” sinks its teeth into you with a soul-snatching drop while flexing a thumping bassline that’s sure to keep you hungry for more. With a second drop that hits even harder than the previous, there is no doubt that “Get Cho” will be a staple across all dance floors.

Following suit, PredaKore jumps in the line of fire with his aptly titled heavy hitter, “Scorched”. Coming in hot with a heavy introduction, “Scorched” gets right to business with this high energy floor stomper showing off a relentless bassline that’s set to satisfy any bass heads. Letting off the gas pedal for a second, PredaKore gives listeners a break coming in for one last drop that hits in all the right spots with its sweltering bassline that packs a delightful punch.

Next up, Erotic Cafe’ & Ablaze join forces for the suitably titled, “Everybloody” featuring Krazo. Coming in hot with a captivating introduction “Everybloody” mesmerizes right from the get-go before moving into a powerful bass drop that sends your senses into overload with its merciless bassline. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any heavier, the second drop pulls you back into another worldly dimension of bass oblivion.

Polishing off the volume properly, INF1N1TE & Notixx bring their contributions to the table with “Fall For You”. Listeners are taken for a journey with a melodic introduction before aiming right for the jugular in the form of a bass line that hits with a knock out punch. Sprinkled with choice vocals, “Fall For You” makes for a wild ride while showing off its wild side through with a booty-shaking low-end. There is no doubt that “Fall For You” will make its mark in the scene!


The tracklisting for Flatline Vol. 11 is:

  1. Levi Walsh – “Get Cho”
  2. PredaKore – “Scorched”
  3. Erotic Cafe’ & Ablaze – “Everybloody” (feat. Krazo)
  4. INF1N1TE & Notixx – “Fall For You”


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