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(Los Angeles) July 23,  2015 Firepower Records is set to release Twofold’s ambitious new single, “Taken Back” featuring Leah Culver on August 21st, and we have no doubt that this beautiful and masterfully arranged piece of bass music will become both a must-have weapon-of-choice on set lists across the globe and an intoxicating hit for mainstream audiences flexing their interest in quality dance music.

The track takes wings and soars immediately thanks to the gorgeous vocal harmonics of the honey-tongued songstress Leah Culver. With a powerful and rapturous delivery, Leah’s voice is a perfect match for the triumphantly euphoric sounds of the track supporting her. Twofold has with “Taken Back” created a cinematic sound-scape so vivid and alluring that simply listening to it transports the mind into the world of their creation. A heavy wall of sound comprised of intricate and incredibly detailed synth arrangements blasts it’s way through the composition. As the melody sweeps up into epic crescendos, Leah’s vocals become one with the sound.

Twofold have every intention, though, of reminding their fans of how grimey their bass game can be. Leading the melody is a deep buzzsaw synth, and interspersed within the track are expertly designed stabs and wobbles, which adds to balance the melancholic tone of the piece. Twofold accentuates the urgency and emotion of the track by fading back the wall of sound and then unleashing it again as it races towards the drop. The result is a track that straddles two worlds; one of the soaring Dubstep Ballad, and the other of the traditional take-no-prisoners side of bass production.

As audiences look more towards dance music in general and bass music in particular to satisfy their desires to rage, Twofold’s “Taken Back” featuring Leah Culver will be an appealing choice for both mainstream audiences and established DJ’s looking to melt their dance-floors into puddles of emotion.


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