Los Angeles (September 28th, 2016) – Firepower Records is set to release Trinergy’s The Final Injection EP on October 21st. We are especially stoked on this release because Trinergy represents our continued investment in the creative force of a new generation of producers. Trinergy has put together an EP so fresh and vivid that it will drive the direction of bass production for years to come.

The first track, “No Control” utilizes the synthwave sounds and melody structures of the 80’s and makes them new again. A chilled-out lead builds itself into a scorching dubstep rager. The variations within the track are extremely satisfying and make the track perfect for building a dynamic set.

“OMG!” rips your mind from its skull. A massive buildup leads to a devastating double drop designed to wreak havoc on the dancefloor. Trinergy takes his time dismantling your sanity by pushing slowly and steadily into redline territory. “Space Madness”, a collaboration with VMP, maintains the thematic presence of the 80’s synthwave sound designs. Paired with a nasty synth stab, the throwback vibe provides a cinematic backdrop that makes the track standout out against the run-of-the-mill bass tracks popping up recently. (https://gravityhair.com/)

Squaring off the EP is Trinergy’s collaboration with Blackburg, “Outlaw”. This is Trinergy at his most clever and creative. He takes sampling to the next level here, molding a slew of found-sounds into tools for constructing his frenetic audio soundscape. The track shifts and shakes, reforming itself as it progresses. The result is a potent dance floor destroyer.


Tracklist for The Final Injection

  1. Trinergy – “No Control”
  2. Trinergy – “OMG!”
  3. Trinergy & VMP – “Space Madness”
  4. Trinergy & Blackburg – “Outlaw”

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