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Los Angeles (December 27, 2016) – Firepower Records is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Torqux’s new EP The Wolf. Newcomers to the label but not to the bass game, this duo was grinding since the day they pushed a sound through a hard drive. They’ve been busy in the lab, focused on making quality bass music that doesn’t simply fit pre-existing models, but forges brand new paths that future producers will attempt to emulate. Every track on the EP is wild, savage, and infectious, reaching deep inside your chest and turning you inside out. It’s exactly the kind of new thinking Bass Music needs right now. With so many artists struggling to break new ground, they should look no further than what Torqux does here with The Wolf. We’ll look back on this release and think this was the day bass music finally took a great leap forward.

The first track on the EP, “The Wolf”, stalks you through a battery of remarkably inventive sound designs. You hear the low guttural growls of the predator through the noise, and as you forge deeper and deeper into the dark night of the track, the hybrid trap beat prowling after you finally strikes and secures its teeth around the jugular.

The EP moves forward with “Heavyweight”, looking for victims, and as Torqux builds upon the sonic themes established in the first track, the heavy synths show up to obliterate the senses. The wubs that the roll through compliment the onslaught of vicious stabs like two apex predators communicating their plans to dispatch their prey through some primordial language of the hunt.

In “Nobody”, Torqux teams up with Maynix, and the results are devastating. The track leads with an atomic bomb of a synth designed to reduce the dance floor to ashes. It’s sinister and made even more ominous by Torqux ability to defy the classic bass music model. You head bang till your neck breaks, while simultaneously being transported to some upside down place. It’s that uncertainty, the inability to locate the exact identity of the track that makes it both so frightening and intriguing.

Rounding out the track is “Panda Punch”, the most severe and devastating track on the EP. Torqux proves the absolute production genius they possess here. With a topline and melody that continues to speak to the nefariousness of the EP in general, the track again defies the bass music genre. It presents to the listener with something they think is a familiar pattern, but everything dissolves and rebuilds into a frightening version of itself—at once familiar but unrecognizable at the same time.

Track list for The Wolf:

  1. Torqux – “The Wolf”
  2. Torqux – “Heavyweight”
  3. Torqux & Maynix – “Nobody”
  4. Torqux – “Panda Punch”


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