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Los Angeles (October 7, 2015) Firepower Records is proud to welcome back PhaseOne for another atom smasher of an EP. Set to Drop October 30th, Matter of Time fuses together two of PhaseOne’s musical impulses: heavy electric guitar chord progressions and Bass Music. The results prove that artistic genius in the dance music game is the product of a sustained and consistent study of diverse musical influences. His recent remix of Northlane’sRot”, went supersonic this summer, proving the same blood running through massive rock ballads runs through heavy Dubstep, too. Matter of Time is the embodiment of that wisdom, and with every track containing clean and clear original lyrics, this EP is one massive communal Festival sing-along-slash-headbang waiting to happen.

“Extinction” begins the EP. The cinematic sound design features immediately set the tone, and the listener is suddenly struck by how perfect the title is. There is a frenetic chaos that comes when we think of extinction level events, whether they’re those from the earth’s past, or our own imminent demise. But there is also a melancholic beauty accompanying the idea as well. PhaseOne expertly crafts the complicated and emotional idea of destructive beauty into “Extinction”.

“Nangs” continues to display PhaseOne’s clear appreciation of metal guitar riffs, and his reliance on the live music technique creates a completely unique soundscape. This feature allows anyone with a perceptive ear to pick PhaseOne’s tracks out of set in under 4 bars.

The title track, “Matter of Time” is a fully realized popular composition. PhaseOne flexes his production knowledge here by designing the song using traditional songwriting techniques. But his infusion of expertly crafted and precise electronic production elements boosts “Matter of time” to another level of rage. One of the advantages he has at his fingertips is the ability to fill what would be empty spaces of a live recording with walls of sound, which pushes the decibel needle further into the face-melt ranges.

Rounding out the EP is “Take My Desire”. The track utilizes a steady and heavy guitar chord progression, hinting at PhaseOne’s impulse towards rock influences. The vocals roll over the top of the heavy synth wobbles nicely, creating a perfectly balanced track. It’s a great song to wrap up a beautifully composed EP, and hearkens back to the days when full albums we’re pieced together to tell a story and take listeners on a journey.

The Tracklisting for Matter Of Time is:

1. PhaseOne – “Extinction”
2. PhaseOne – “Nangs”
3. PhaseOne – “Matter Of Time”
4. PhaseOne – “Take My Desire”

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