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Los Angeles (June 26th, 2017) – Firepower Records is excited to announce the forthcoming release of Jarvis’ brand new EP, Rise of the Phoenix, and there’s really no other way to preface your experience with this record than to say you’d better invest in some fireproof pantaloons. Jarvis has emerged as one of the UK’s most formidable forces in bass music, and this EP represents a musical intellect that’s mature, sharp, refined and ready to shine in the raging fires burning at the alters of dance music.

The first track on the EP, “Rise of the Phoenix”, features the vocal wizardry of Born I Music, and his rapid-fire lyricism parallels Jarvis’ frenetic synth structures perfectly. The tune transforms into an instant crowd pleaser, offering club and festival crowds a chance to sing along before throwing themselves into fits of head banging.

Up next is “Rowdy”, and the unique UK Grime tradition of machine gun lyricism continues here, with the polymath Jarvis himself offering up his own lyrical swordsmanship. The MC is a vital part of the UK underground Dubstep phenomenon, offering audiences a more intimate and cerebral way to engage with the music. “Rowdy” sucks you right in and latches on until the beat builds into a massive, pulverizing drop. Jarvis’ storied ability to finesse sounds into an already complex and complicated tune is evidenced here, and if you’ve never conducted a tune to an audience, real or imagined, then you will with “Rowdy”.

“Walk” is an apt title for Jarvis’ next tune. As the beat rolls on, you get the impression he was imagining a massive creature swaggering like a boss down the Boulevard, wrecking anything in its path. The rolling and lolling beat structure imposes an intoxicating urge upon the listener. The tune is extremely headnodic, balancing a subtle, riddim-esque beat with the harder and more aggressive components of a Dubstep banger. A great set opener, or even a Peak Hour scorcher to get audiences riled up.

Jarvis figured out a way to add the 80’s hipster goth noir synth into his tune, “Vibrations”, and it’s perfect. Epic from the outset, the track leads the listener on a musical quest to the drop. But like any quest, there are different components, and Jarvis showcases his expertise with masterfully crafted sections that operate on our souls with a composed tenacity. It’s the kind of production skill that isn’t concerned with quantity, but quality. This track speaks volumes to that ethic.

If a producer is focused they can hook you in like a hypnotist. “Wide Awake” exemplifies this technique. The track begins with airy vocals that summon the listener like sirens from the deep. Jarvis then releases the demons with an insane riddim section simultaneously reminiscent of the underground dub plates spun in dark Surrey warehouses in the 90’s while reestablishing a connection to the big synth attitudes popular in modern Dubstep. But this track is more than that, the siren song the emerges from the depth of this tune is hypnotic, and the balance between massive sound structures with the euphoric vocalized yearnings makes “Wide Awake” an instant festival banger. Get it in your set list now!

Tracklisting for Rise of the Phoenix:

  1. Jarvis – “Rise of the Phoenix” (Feat. Born I Music)
  2. Jarvis – “Rowdy”
  3. Jarvis – “Walk”
  4. Jarvis – “Vibrations”
  5. Jarvis – “Wide Awake”


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