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Los Angeles (June 12, 2017) Firepower Records is set to release the 6th installment of our Flatline Compilation on June 30th, 2017, and it’s filthier than ever. Since its inception, the Flatline Compilation has featured the brightest and most diverse new talents emerging in the bass music world. Many of our featured artists have since moved on to land record deals with us and find themselves on the world’s largest festival stages. Don’t be fooled—the names you see on the track list may be new, but one spin of the track and it’s clear these artists are wise beyond their years.

 Carbin’s “GOMD” featuring Trvma is filthy right out the gate and pushes a Riddim style beat structure. The track rages through various synth arrangements and a sinister vocal sample pulses along with the intention of causing involuntary head nods. The track shifts mid-stream, and that head nod gets real aggressive, real quick.

Next, Cherney comes through with his classic dub anthem “Fatal Fury”. The dubstyle vocals lace the track with a throwback reggae vibe, but as the drop hits, everything goes ballistic. Cherney cleverly cycles through an electric guitar riff that adds a level of complexity to the tune.

Chompa’s “Fed Up” follows the compilation’s dub reggae vibe, but the chill tone is demolished almost immediately with a heavy AF dubstep beat and pulverizing synth engineering. The track rests for a moment, allowing the listener to catch their breath, but the pressure is quickly reapplied, and there’s no escaping its grip.

Squaring out the compilation is KTRL. His tune “Reign” reveals a producer with a mastery of the craft. The tune moves through a number of classic examples of bass music wizardry, and KTRL proves his engineering prowess with the use of intricate sound designs placed perfectly through the track.

Tracklist for Flatline Volume 6:

  1. Carbin – “GOMD” (feat. Trvma)
  2. Cherney – “Fatal Fury”
  3. Chompa – “Fed Up”
  4. KTRL – “Reign”


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