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Los Angeles (Sept 2, 2016) Firepower Records is thrilled to welcome our new recruit Fed-Up to the label, and on September 23rd, his new EP Defect will unleash a level of Lit upon the bass music world the likes of which have never been seen. Jake Walters had been producing under a few different aliases, but now he’s “Fed-Up.” At only 21 years old, he has five years under his belt as a producer, and Defect is proof of his technical skill set.

If “Overload” is the pace setter for the EP, then the risk of neck-damage-by-headbanging is a real threat. Fed-Up lures the listener in with a superb buildup. The sinister melody gets its hooks in and only releases when the beat drops. The heavy growls underpinning the synth stabs roll through the track, rattling around the brain case. The level of production here reveals a well-developed expert ability, and it’s easy to imagine Datsik, a devotee of precision and quality, losing his mind upon receiving the final edits. “Virus” expands the theme initiated in “Overload”, and develops the melodic components by building them up into redline territory. Fed-Up cleverly builds a number of different layers into his sound design, and the result is a track that sounds full and incredibly powerful.

The biggest track on the EP, though, is “Malfunction”. Extremely heavy from the start, the track is designed to explode heads. Fed-Up shows the range of his production ability here with an expertly designed melody and top line that balances well with the hard-as-nails basslines. The wall-of-sound Fed-Up constructs work to infect the body sonically, allowing the track to take control. Before listening to this you may want to give your homies a heads up to your whereabouts, because you’re going to lose yourself.


Tracklisting for Defect:

  1. Fed-Up – “Overload”
  2. Fed-Up – “Virus”
  3. Fed-Up – “Malfunction”


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