LOS ANGELES (November 2, 2015) Firepower Records is happy to announce the release of Different Heaven’s Spanish Sikh EP on November 20th. Based in Spain, Different Heaven brings a refreshing cultural identity to his productions that make them unique. This is Different Heaven’s first release with Firepower Records, and it’s clear that this rising talent has all the skill to make his name permanent in the bass music world.

The first track on the EP, “Harhippa”, sets the vibe of the EP by firing off a massive Doumbek drum rhythm. The rhythm pulses through the track and flows into and out of a series of massive bass drops. The track retains a decidedly cultural flavor, proving that dubstep not only welcomes, but also thrives on the influences of music from around the world.

“Rockin” explores the modern stylings of bass production, toggling between familiar classic electro samples and experimental synth patterns. The track becomes a mosaic of sound designs, which produce for the listener a certain nostalgia for the songs that hooked us into the scene.

The EP rounds out with “Paradise”, a collaboration between Different Heaven and EH!DE and featuring Alexa Lusader on vocals. This track is a massive, mother-of-all-bombs production, and when it drops it leaves a crater so deep you’ll need an escalator to get out. Alexa Lusader’s vocal treatment instantly transforms the song into a sing-along, but as the synth arrangements crash though and the walls of sound push across the dance floor, the pleasant sing-along turns into a group head-bang. Listen for this track on the fall festival circuit.

The tracklisting for Spanish Sikh is:

  1. Different Heaven & Soltan – “Harhippa”
  2. Different Heaven & Chime – “Rockin”
  3. Different Heaven & EH!DE – “Paradise” (Featuring Alexa Lusander)

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