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Los Angeles (February 27, 2017) – Firepower Records is beyond thrilled to announce the release of 40oz Cult’s co-founder and gangster rap aficionado Dack Janiels’ forth coming EP Swangin on March 17th, and it goes hard AF. Every track is a set list smash-fest, and each is an obvious option-A tune for taking crowds to the edges of insanity. Expertly arranged and masterfully crafted, these tracks show an artist whose production prowess transcends the ordinary. Dack Janiels let his beasts of bass music production out for a bit of feeding frenzy, and there’s blood everywhere. What follows is the absolute carnage of that feast.

The first track off the EP, “Wut Da Fuq”, is a straight audio assassin. The lead-in presents a sinister horror-movie-esque tone with an eerie melody, but, as the drop hits, the synth pulses incessantly and slams you to the ground. The track is loud and aggressive and breaks only long enough for you to gather your sanity before slamming you to the ground again.

“Swangin” goes in big with sweeping key patterns and intriguing vocal samples, but it doesn’t take long before the buzz-saw synths tear through you braincase. Delightfully surprising is Dack Janiels homage to the artistry of record scratching. Sections of the track feature the technique lending the track an organic, throwback vibe.

The third track on the EP, “Knifing”, is the audio equivalent of a full on street fight. Dack’s frequent foray into 80’s era synths and samples is present here, and the track is much more hype as a result. The tune rages, and the frenetic synth constructions are absolutely crushing. A DJ who starts a set with this tune will have the dance floor in puddles within minutes.

Squaring out the EP is “Bring It”, and the organic scratch samples become Dack Janiel’s prominent feature. His gangster rap upbringing shines through here, and the track bangs as a result. “Bring It” is fun and vibey, and you need it in your set list asap.

The track listing for Swangin is:

  1. Jack Daniels – “Wut Da Fuq”
  2. Jack Daniels – “Swangin”
  3. Jack Daniels – “Knifing”
  4. Jack Daniels – “Bring It”

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