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(Los Angeles) September 1st Firepower Records is set to unleash Cubism’s new EP Terraform into the bass music universe, and there’s a very high likelihood your speakers will want to retire after you pummel them with this 4-track monster. Deep and terrifying, each beat is a charged bomb in an electro-magnetic mine field exploding through your braincase. Minimal yet jarring, the EP has all of the underground bass appeal purists will love with enough firepower to inspire festival crowds into frenzies.

The first track on the EP, “Renegade”, takes a cue from the electronic buildups of early 2000’s rave music, giving it a throwback feel. But Cubism deconstructs that beat like a mad scientist in a lab and forges it into his own modern take on bass. It’s a solid track for any DJ playing to a crowd craving some darker, more underground vibes, but it could play out equally as well as a transition piece to a much heavier bass drop. Following “Renegade” is “Didact”, and the mystery of Cubism’s ability to produce gut rattling bass is revealed. With this track, he becomes very specific about his intentions: full loss of control of mind and body. Even as the bass let’s up momentarily, it just signals the buildup of a drop that will weaken knees and make head-banging and natural reaction.

Rounding out the EP is “Third Eye” and the title track “Terraform”. Leaning on his special attention to sound design, Cubism loads “Third Eye” with audio treasure. Listen carefully to the layering behind the beat and the samples used. Cubism, then, successfully places us into a dystopian soundscape where the listener is sucked in and hypnotized. “Terraform” takes us back down to earth, or underground, more specifically. The track begins with the deep rumblings and minimal treatments good underground Dubstep is known for. But as the buildup arrives, it’s clear this track will not be contained. Making use of terrifying skull shattering synths, Cubism goes to work dissecting our minds. His audio engineering methods focus on bringing his synth creations and layering into alignment with his bass production so that both contribute to an overwhelmingly physical experience with the music.

The tracklisting for Terraform is:

  1. Cubism – “Renegade”
  2. Cubism – “Didact”
  3. Cubism – “Thrid Eye”
  4. Cubism – “Terraform”


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