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September 7th (Los Angeles) Firepower Records is set to release Algo’s forthcoming EP Real Life, and as we continue to explore the outer limits of the bass music universe, Algo has become a perfect candidate to pilot this ship. With very few elite bass music DJ’s playing a single genre set anymore, Real Life proves that talent, like a painting, can’t be confined to a single color or shade. That would make for a pretty boring painting. What we have here is an EP that uses multiple sounds of the Dance music spectrum, and the result is a dynamic release. Every single track is a set list amplifier, and Algo puts on a clinic for how to get it done right.

“Formula” is a straight up heater. Deep and aggressive, the track pummels through multiple sequences of rapidly evolving and shifting synth cycles. It’s detailed and layered and gives the listener the feeling they’re listening to an always changing audio puzzle. “Rinse Out” one-ups “Formula”, though, through the use of extremely intricate sound designs paired with a massive thumping bass line. Algo has somehow given this track a life of its own, and when you’re banging your head to the exceptionally heavy drop, you may want to appreciate the subtle slicing sounds beneath the snare, the white-noise in the background, or the wall of sound he builds without you ever noticing it. Take out any of these minute details and the track wouldn’t be the same.

With Bass House making big appearances in festival sets all over the world this year, Algo comes through with one of his own. The title track “Real Life” employs classic house elements with the addition of Algo’s precise bass production prowess. The song is extremely danceable, and it goes hard enough to satisfy hardcore fans midway through a bass set. Algo punches so much energy into this track, and, if you listen carefully, no section of the song ever repeats itself—a testament to Algo’s incredible attention to detail. It’s a track that is constantly revealing its secrets as you dance your ass off to it.

Rounding of the EP is “Wild”, and if you catch yourself on the dance floor without another body to grind up against, we feel bad for you. “Wild” pulls from old school rap beat structures—much the way Trap does–but Algo injects it with 21st century bass designs. The track, then, becomes the perfect track for where we are right now with bass music. Algo is clever enough to take these foundational sounds and pilot us ever farther out into the bass music Universe.

The Tracklist for Real life is:

1. Algo – “Rinse Out”

2. Algo – “Wild”

3. Algo – “Real Life”

4. Algo – “Formula”

For information on Algo:

Instagram: @lil_algo

Twitter : @lil_algo


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Lee Underwood

Publicity Manager I Firepower Records