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Los Angeles (February 6, 2017) – Firepower Records is set to release JPhelpz’ newest EP, LEVELED, on February 24th, and he’s not playing games. The arc of JPhelpz’ career was shaped by his no-bullshit sound design philosophy and a tenacious work ethic, but this EP is JPhelpz at his absolute best. His previous releases with Firepower have garnered praise across the Bass Music world, but LEVELED is on a whole different level.

The title track, “LEVELED”, is a skull splitter. The intro works through a trap style beat construction and drops hard into a neo-riddim rager. JPhelpz has perfected the minimal mech-hop sound, and this track establishes that fact early. “Double 07” pushes the mech hop sound further by offering a sinister melody over the top of some quality synth stabs. The beat is minimal, but the space JPhelpz give the track to breathe only highlights the heavy synth arrangements resonating through the rest of the track.

“Turn it Up” goes heavy right away, toggling between the crispiness of a trapstyle beat break and the filth of a dubstep headbanger. The mechanical sounds that pulse through the track show JPhelpz musical vision. It’s his calling card, and it distinguishes him from all his contemporaries releasing today. As he pushes through “WOAH” JPhepz exemplifies the strength of the minimal. His tune is tightly constructed allowing only the essential sounds to pop through. The bass, then, is accentuated, and it’s a feast for any basshead.

Rounding out the EP is “Spicy Meatball”. JPhelpz ends his EP with an absolute Dubstep heater. Dubby where it needs to be, and hard as nails in others, the track is a peak hour atom bomb. It’s designed to annihilate the dancefloor. From the chainsaw synth, to the gnarly breakdowns, “Spicy Meatball” will leave you reaching for the fire extinguisher.


Tracklisting for LEVELED:

  1. JPhelpz – “LEVELED”
  2. JPhelps – “Double 07”
  3. JPhelpz – “Turn It Up”
  4. JPhelpz – “WOAH”
  5. JPhelpz – “Spicy Meatball”


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