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Los Angeles (January 30, 2017) – Firepower Records is set to release the 5th installment of their Flatline Compilation on February 17th , and it’s stacked with some of the most talented producers currently breaking into the bass music game. Two years ago, Firepower Records released their first Flatline Compilation, and it featured the young up-and-comers Jphelpz, Aweminus, Phiso, and EH!DE. Two years later, these bass music badasses are crushing international festival stages and clubs all over the world. With talent like this rising through the ranks, the bass music establishment better stay woke—these producers are skilled beyond their years.

Chime returns to the Firepower fold with a nasty track. “Get Your hands Dirty” rolls in hard, and Chime gives us a solid melodic topline to hook the listener in. The track builds its way into the drop, but, in a sinister little move, delays the beat a count. The result is madness. Halfway through the track, Chime toggles into a Riddim beat, and the shift up is designed to unleash chaos on the dance floor.

Next, we’re proud to introduce Hi I’m Ghost, and he’s been bulldozing his way into the bass music world. “All In My Head” is a feast for anyone immediately mesmerized by the more euphoric components of bass music production. The intro is gorgeous. Suddenly, the track drops off a cliff, and the track digs its sonic claws into your head. His obvious knowledge of bass music comes through as he shifts between multiple beat structures, ultimately creating a very listenable and satisfying tune. Hi I’m Ghost is a pro, a true testament to the role of hard work and grinding constantly at perfecting the craft.

Everyone welcome Nato Feelz to the Firepower family. Right out of the gate, he makes a name for himself with “Bad Bitch”, a deeply felt Trapstyle track. At once beautiful and melodic, the track leaps into head bang territory just at the right time. A filthy sub bass rattles your guts, and just when you’ve had enough, the track reminds you of how sweet and innocent it can be.

Squaring out the compilation is another new-comer to the label, Blaqout. He’s been working hard behind the scenes and his work has paid off. “Mystic Flex” is a brilliant piece of bass music, and it reflects a solid grasp what makes a tune immediate head bang material. The track features an expertly designed synth arrangement and a sub bass that balances everything out perfectly. Blaqout’s unique sound design set’s him apart, and his music is instantly recognizable. Don’t sleep on this track.

The Tracklist for the Flatline Compilation Vol. 5 is:

  1. Chime – “Get Your Hands Dirty”
  2. Hi I’m Ghost – “All In My Head”
  3. Nato Feelz – “Bad Bitch”
  4. Blaqout – “Mystic Flex”


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