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Firepower Records is excited to introduce Jarvis’ first single of 2019, “Death Rave”out on March 1st, 2019. After working tirelessly to perfect his craft over the years, Jarvis first made his debut on Firepower Recordsin the Summer of 2015. Since then, Jarvis has continued to blossom as an artist through a transformation he references similarly to a Phoenix, rising from the ashes and resurrecting better than ever before. Now, the producer reworks his focus towards bringing “brostep” back and creating a unified culture within the dance music arena.

Opening up “Death Rave” with a high energy drumlinedrizzled with a nostalgic feel, listeners are immediately intrigued with what’s to come from this floor stomper. Before you’re able to get your bearings situated, the vocals make their mark and properly welcome you to the “death rave” before the drop hits right in the gut with a pulverizing bassline. Letting up for just a second, the drum line offers up a break down before introducing the second drop that brings a heavier low-end bass to really even the track out and finish off on a strong note.

Be sure to keep your ears locked on Jarvis! He’s promised there is more to come very soon and you truly won’t want to miss it. For the time being, jam out to “Death Rave” tokeep you fully satisfied.


The tracklisting for “Death Rave” is:

  1. Jarvis – “Death Rave”


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