For thousands of years humanity has been observed and influenced to bring the world to its state today. Through the careful guidance of technology and culture, the world and its inhabitants are being prepared for the biggest step in their evolution.

The Age of The Robot is upon on us and Rettchit is the first phase in humanities final stage of this evolution.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Rettchit has emerged as one of the most pulverizing bass music producers of his generation. At 20, he’s already mastered the techniques veteran producers struggle to perfect, and he displays a classical musicality that comes through in his tunes. His ability to create a futuristic onslaught of sonic destruction, and the penetration of his being and music into the psyche of the audience is the power harnessed from his robotic structure and spiritual abilities. That work paid off, and tracks like “Godzilla”, “Harvester” featuring Messinian, and his “Predator” collaboration with Blaqout reveal a producer who’s already galaxies ahead of the industry. Last year Datsik brought Rettchit on board to release his collaboration with Zetta, “Sedona”, on Firepower Record’s Shellshock Annihilation Compilation, and it quickly became one of the hottest tunes of record.

Rettchit is here to obliterate audiences and decimate dance floors. He’s a robot from another planet, a bass music machine abducting listeners to his world of dark Dubstep.

Get your affairs in order, because he’s coming for you.