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Achat Seroquel, Buy pharmacy Seroquel waterview

Achat Seroquel, Buy pharmacy Seroquel waterview

Sydney based producer PhaseOne had asserted himself as one of the most consistent and significant talents to emerge from the Australian bass scene in the last few years by making a name for himself internationally with his head turning original productions and remixes. His punk and hardcore roots can be heard in his guttural synths, catchy chords and soaring leads.

PhaseOne has released a diverse range of songs securing releases on Disciple, Buygore, Rottun, Kannibalen, Adapted, High Intensity and is now set to release a brand new 4 track EP on the Canadian Bass Music powerhouse label, Firepower Records.

Gaining love from major music blogs/YouTube promotional channels and artists by the likes of Datsik, Borgore, Excision, Foreign Beggars, Trolley Snatcher, Virtual Riot, Rogue, Au5, Fractal, Jackal, Apashe and Kai Wachi (just to name a few), 2015 is looking very bright for this your 25 year old from Sydney’s North Shore.

The last few years has seen Graeme tour the Asia-Pacific region extensively, playing a ton of headline shows as well as sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the bass music scene for sold out shows such as KOAN Sound, Netsky LIVE, Borgore, Datsik, XKore, DC Breaks, Bar9, Habstrakt, Dodge & Fuski, Emperor, Tantrum Desire, Baauer, Getter and The Upbeats in the last 24 months alone.