Nato Feelz

Nathan Fields // Portland

Nato Feelz is the music producer/DJ alter ego of Portland Oregon native Nathan Fields. Known for creating energy fueled beats without limitations his records blend endless amounts of musical characteristics together that blur the lines between genres. Heavily inspired by hip hop, punk rock, metal and rock & roll, he has infused the same energy into electronic music covering a wide range of tempos such as dubstep, trap, drum & bass, glitch hop and house. His musical accomplishments began in 2013 with winning Destroid’s ‘Raise Your Fist’ official Beatport remix contest, leading to record releases on Excision’s Destroid Music and Rottun Records. Since then, he’s performed at major music festivals such as SXSW, Paradiso and FreakNight, and his original track ‘LUV’ was featured in the Sundance Film Festival hit Tangerine. In addition to live performances, he is currently licensing sound FX cues to a rising number of Hollywood blockbuster trailers such as The Revenant, Jason Bourne 5, The Mummy, The Conjuring 2, and The Martian, as well as promotion campaigns for video games such as Titanfall 2 and Destiny: Rise of Iron. As his career grows, he continues to stay true to his roots by regularly giving out music for free to his growing fan base. It’s safe to say that for Nato Feelz there is only moving forward and no limits to what is possible.