London Nebel

Donnie Digital & Thani // Germany

German producers Donnie Digital and Thani, who together form London Nebel, are known for their „wonky“ and „heavy“ bass sounds. Before they discovered their love of dubstep, they had already spent 5 years performing together on Germany’s Hip Hop stages. Their first releases as electronic producers in 2009 were heavily influenced by the innovative sounds out of London. Even now, their background in hip hop continues to influence their dubstep productions.

They found early success in the dubstep scene with their official remixes of Die Orsons and Die Söhne Mannheims. In 2011 London Nebel began performing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland gaining the attention of dubstep pioneer DJ Hatcha. In 2014, the group signed to his label Sin City Recordings to release their first album City of Fog. They released follow up EPs later that year with labels Bassclash and I.Am.Audio. As a part of a new wave in the dubstep scene they collaborated with other likeminded artists such as P0gman, Barron and Dubloadz. With songs like “Battle Mode”, “Edwin” and “Don’t Cry” they also caught the attention of Never Say Die boss SKisM and released various songs on the Black Label Edition of NSD.

Dubstep fans from Paris to New York, Denver to Brisbane and Perth to Amsterdam can party and celebrate dubstep music at London Nebel’s energetic shows. Since their August 2016 release of Zombie Dance on Disciple the duo has taken a break to develop a new sound for London Nebel. Everyone should have their eyes on what these young men are planning next.