CHERNEY is no stranger when it comes to creating music. From an early age Joshua was
always making something. When he was 13 he discovered his first DAW and ever since has been
hooked. He graduated with a degree in Audio Engineering from Chico but decided to take a
different route after graduating. Putting all his focus into making music, CHERNEY started off as
a ghost producer. But with talent like that and the love for the music, he knew he wanted to share
that with the world.

He’s made a huge name for himself already, not just in his hometown of Los Angeles but all over
as well. With a passion for metal, CHERNEY ‘S sound is gritty and heavy and will have anyone
wanting to throw their neck around. From his Dubstep sounds to hybrid to trap, CHERNEY ‘S
versatility is going to take him far in the scene. Just you watch.

He has already had some releases on major labels such as Bassweight Records, Electrostep
Network, Cr2 Records, Captivation Records, and Trapstyle. His most recent collab “Raxx” with
Benasis has gained him support from some huge artists such as Kayzo, Eptic!, Dubloadz,
Adventure Club and more. CHERNEY is here and he’s ready for you, we hope you’re ready for