Los Angeles (November 13, 2017) Firepower Records is set to release London Nebel’s debut EP, Propaganda, on November 24th. Hailing from Berlin, this duo possesses a rare genius level talent when it comes to bass music production, and with this project they remind us that the highly conceptualized form of art that is EP construction is not dead. Propaganda pursues the paradox of reality and the failure of online technology to mend our fractured selves or to make us freer, better people. Firepower hasn’t released an EP this deep, dark, and stylized since Truth’s Hollow World EP. With Propaganda, London Nebel uses their talent to do what art should do—put a mirror up to reality and do the tough work of telling us who we are in this present historical moment.

The first track, “Propaganda”, comes out swinging. As London Nebel sears their chainsaw synths into our brain cases, they deliver a potent message using expertly selected samples from across the media universe. By enhancing their subversive messaging with a masterful production technique, they reveal themselves as clairvoyant musical story-tellers. From the sub-basement beat constructions to the searing synth stabs, Propagandawill infect your entire mind, body, and soul. Make sure you peep Rekoil’s insane remix of this tune, which rounds out the EP. Rekoil’s sonic vision launches the tune into hyperspace, and it gains a much harder and nastier edge.

“Mothership” ventures deep into the dark matter of Space. A playfully ominous series of stabs create a dark and sinister vibe characteristic of the deep dub of the UK underground. The tune employs a filthy buzzsaw synth construction which London Nebel tweaks until its melody takes control of the entire body.

As the EP progresses, London Nebel continues to unravel the fragile illusion of self. “Confusion” is a warning translated into the language of wubby Dubstep. London Nebel takes their time with this tune, weaving a sonic narrative out of sub bass and nightmarish growls. Their attention to detail here is superb. From the subtle tinkering taking place just below the surface to the perfectly placed vocal sample, the result is a track that transcends your run-of-the-mill headbanger.

London Nebel’s “Looney Tune” continues to travel down that dark and shadowy road. A rainstorm sweeps in, leaving the average Dubstep daytripper woefully unprepared for the insanity that pours from the track. A beloved classical piano section floats through the background of the tune, increasing the theme of social isolation weaving the EP together. But when Disney’s Goofy breaks in unexpectedly, your psyche snaps, and it’s madness that reigns. With early support from a handful of Bass Music’s elite including Dubloadz, this tune has already scorched the bass music landscape.

The Tracklisting for Propaganda is:

  1. London Nebel – “Propaganda”
  2. London Nebel – “Mothership”
  3. London Nebel – “Confusion”
  4. London Nebel – “Looney Tune”
  5. London Nebel – “Propaganda” (Rekoil Remix)


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