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Firepower Records will release Protohype’s forthcoming EP Nimbus on January 26th, and we cannot wait to unleash this beast. Protohype has made his name by daring to explore the obscure intersections of Hip Hop, Dubstep and Drum and Bass, often finding himself in unexplored territory. But it’s in this unfamiliar territory where reinvention takes place. The process has led Protohype to create several now classic tracks. Nimbus takes us there, and this EP is loaded with essential tunes for any serious bass music set list. He’s dished up a few of these tunes to live audiences and the results have been nasty. It’s finally time to offer them up to the bass music gods.

“Threats” lurks in with a sinister bass intro but drops without remorse. Protohype has experimented with a range of beat structures over his career, but his arrangement here is disruptive and breaks from any mold of traditional Dubstep patterns It’s thoroughly intoxicating for that exact reason. Shlump offers up a Remix of “Threats” for the EP, bringing his polished style and ethereal vibe to the track. It’s an effective take on the beloved Riddim roller, and it will have dance floors inspired.

Protohype’s adventures in beat construction pay off with “Knuckles”. This absolute heater again disrupts the traditional dubstep beat patterns and synth constructions and leaves audiences to contend with an entirely new bass music experience. As he does in “Threats”, Protohype uses his sub-bass to great effect, playing with its capacities to rumble your guts and toying with the listener’s sanity. Protohype has played this tune out all over the country, and its effect on audiences is unlike anything we’ve seen. Not only is this tune an instant classic, but audiences will crave it for years to come.

“Power Up!” gives us everything we like about Dubstep—huge, rolling, dub-inspired basslines, a catchy topline, filthy synth stabs and slices, and the precise attention to detail vital to any quality tune. Protohype proves himself one of the elite bass music producers over and over again, and “Power Up!” is evidence of that.

A devotee of Drum and Bass, Protohype gives us “Bring It Back”, which is a sinister track and a cheeky choice for any DJ ready to instigate a frenzy on the dancefloor. Quick synth stabs rattle around the braincase as the driving DnB bassline urges your body into aggressive bout of skanking. The track is also a reminder of how interconnected through time bass music is. The fact that Protohype can make a classic genre new again speaks to how important Drum and Bass is to the life blood of bass music in general. It’s a perfect tune to inspire an audience to madness just like DnB was designed to do back in the day.


The tracklisting for Nimbus is:

  1. Protohype – “Threats”
  2. Protohype – “Knuckles”
  3. Protohype – “Power Up!”
  4. Protohype – “Bring It Back”
  5. Protohype – “Threats” (Shlump Remix)


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