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Los Angeles (March 26th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release Jarvis’ Feel The Fire EP on April 6th, and it’s an absolute heater. We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this young artist develop over the years, and Feel The Fire represents the hard work and creativity needed to move the scene forward.

Leading the EP is “Ready 2 Party”, and Jarvis has invited our friend Spag Heddy along for the ride. The collaboration is perfect; both Jarvis and Spag Heddy have an unquenchable thirst for the hard stuff. Punishing in its approach, the tune slams us with a heavy beat construction that shifts between modern Dub and Riddim. A nasty synth melody unifies the piece, revealing the dual composing talents of Jarvis and Spag. The result is an instant festival-ready banger.

“Raw to the Core” is a massive Riddim roller with a built-in wall of sound that will test the integrity of any soundsytem. The tune is big, robust, and punishing, just the way Jarvis likes it. But the tune that combines his UK roots and reveals his true composing prowess is “Creep” featuring Maksim. The track rolls with a heavy Hip Hop beat structure that creeps into bass music territory. Maksim offers his vocal wizardry to the tune, making it quintessentially British and grimey.

Not without its irony, Jarvis hits us with “Hyper Brostep”, which feels like both an homage to the monumental shift bass music took a decade ago, and a chance to reconcile with it. Jarvis effectively turns the heat up on the tune early all while featuring some memorable sound designs that made Dubstep so good not too long ago. The nostalgia is real with this one, but as Jarvis adds layer upon layer, you realize that this tune is also a brand new bass bomb built for the newer generations of ravers.

Rounding out the EP is the title track, “Feel The Fire”, and it’s the marquee piece to the EP. Pulverizing in its approach, it’s an all out audio assault. A gigantic Riddim beat construction rolls relentlessly forward, bringing a massive heavy metal inspired synth with it. The track is loaded and ready to fire through a massive festival sound system and the audience will melt if they don’t break necks headbanging first.

Jarvis has decided to donate the first three months of proceeds of this EP to RAINN, and Firepower will support him by donating their share as well.


The Tracklisting for Jarvis’ Feel The Fire is:

  1. Jarvis & Spag Heddy – “Ready 2 Party”
  2. Jarvis – “Raw To The Core”
  3. Jarvis – “Creep ft. Maksim”
  4. Jarvis – “Hyper Brostep”
  5. Jarvis – Feel The Fire”


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