Los Angeles (November 22, 2017) – Firepower Records will release Extra Terra’s forthcoming Alien Theory EP on December 8th, and it’s an absolute crusher. Officially hailing from Strasbourg, France, this DJ Duo’s music sounds like it was invented somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. The EP has more energy than a Black Hole, and once it gets you in its gravitational pull, you’ll have no choice but to surrender.

The first tune on the EP, “Illuminacity”, launches us into deep space with a heavy Dubstep heater. The G-force created by an oppressive combination of a high pressure-bass line and white-hot synth constructions slams the listener to floor. It’s a filthy tune to begin the EP, but it sets a no-bullshit tone right up front.

Next up is “Nibiru”, and there is nowhere to hide from the cataclysm this tune promises to bring. Named after the Conspiracy Theory, Nibiru is the potential world-ending event where an Extra Terrestrial mass, Planet X, crashes into Earth or comes close enough to it to cause massive disruptions. If that event had a soundtrack, “Niburu” would be it. A thick synth section scorches the top of a massive riddim roller. If true, there’d be no hope for humanity, so why no go out headbanging?

For “Good Fellas”, Extra Terra collaborated with Bawdy, and the result is an immense interstellar romp. Big and bouncy, the tune hits hyperspace early and does not stop. This is a true dance-floor destroyer and a go-to track for hyping a crowd on the verge of a Riddim feeding frenzy.

Squaring out the EP is “Prototype”. Extra Terra teamed up with Barenhvrd for this, and the combined potential energy of this track is that of a stellar bomb. A wall of sound pulses through the tune, and the rolling bassline disrupts your magnetic fields. Railriders beware; this tune may cause personal injury. Grab on tight and get ready for blast-off.

The Tracklisting for “Alien Theory” is:

  1. Extra Terra – “Illuminacity”
  2. Extra Terra – “Nibiru”
  3. Extra Terra & Bawdy – “Goodfellas”
  4. Extra Terra & Barenhvrd – “Prototype”

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